Destiny 2: Warmind DLC out now

Destiny 2: Warmind DLC out now

Activision president Coddy Johnson was asked during a post-earnings conference call with investors how Bungie will improve Destiny 2.

According to Redditor TheEcumene, who distributed select sound clips from the Warmind expansion, the Raid starts in a manner we mightn't have expected. Teaming up with your Guardian, you'll both revisit Mars and discover the truth behind Rasputin, who was introduced in the original Destiny.

This week, the crew is revisiting the 2017 blockbuster Destiny 2to celebrate the launch of Warmind, the game's second expansion. If you're unfamiliar with the game, which is now available for PS4, Xbox One, and PC, you can check out our review.

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Warmind, Destiny 2's latest expansion, is out now and it also marks the beginning of Season 3 in-game.

Along with all that story content, there are a number of new features added in the Warmind expansion. If you want to buy only the Warmind expansion pass, you'll have to shell out $19.99. Johnson stated that fans won't hear anything more about the upcoming fall release, which will be Destiny 2's third expansion, until E3 2018 in June.

How much space will I need for Warmind?

Are you excited to play the new Warmind content? With the action shifted to the polar ice-caps on Mars players will get to experience a new story in addition to being able to find new gear and check out some new end-game content. Additionally, new changes were also discussed regarding exotic weapons, including which weapons saw huge buffs, and which others were more balanced out. Destiny 2 game is required to play, and is sold separately. You can manually start the Escalation Protocol, but you'll first have to finish the campaign.

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