Here Are All the New Android TV Features Announced at Google I/O

Here Are All the New Android TV Features Announced at Google I/O

The biggest impact of these AI changes will reach us throgh the device we carry at all times.

Thanks to Google Project Treble efforts to allow OEMs to push out faster Android updates, Google at I/O 2018 announced that several partner brands will be making Android P Beta available for select phones. There were 60 publishers that launched with the service, and more will be added in the coming weeks. However, Android TV is without its shortcomings, as users have complained of buggy and underpowered systems and infrequent update releases. App actions will help the user to get to his next task by instantly predicting what the user wants to do next.

Similar to Android Oreo, to get to your app drawer, you long swipe from the bottom of the screen, or just swipe upwards from the recent apps view to get to your apps.

Google plans to trial the system with a small group of users this summer, the site adds. Google Lens is capable of scanning a product, image or animal in your environment and tell you what object it is. Moreover, Android P has some major additions to its armory, from phone interaction to interface navigation, everything has been painted again. When in app switcher, you will also be able to copy and paste from one app to the other. In line with this, the Android P rollout promises to bring enhancements in reliability and speed. It suggests replies to simple texts.

Support for Linux will enable you to create, test and run Android and web app for phones, tablets and laptops all on one Chromebook. It will also log the number of notifications received and how many times you've unlocked your device.

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The OS also has new updates in volume control and screen rotation. It's a collection of features that will help make your phone less addictive and more aware of exactly how much time you're spending on it daily.

Are you excited for Android P? By letting users set time limits on their app use, a quick phone break can't spiral into a full-blown digital bender. You can drag this button right from any app that you're in to quickly switch to an app, and then switch back again.

Google wasn't happy just delivering a great virtual assistant.

As part of this rebrand, the company has also changed the homepage for Google AI so that it features published research on varying subject matters, stories of AI, and a range of tools and resources that users can use. However, this could lead to delayed notifications.

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