ISIS claims responsibility for Paris knife attack

ISIS claims responsibility for Paris knife attack

"One victim died. Two were seriously injured and two were wounded slightly", it added.

The attack comes as France is under a constant threat from terrorism.

Pierre Gaudin, a senior official at the Paris Police Prefecture, said: "A person attacked five people in the second district of Paris".

Mr Molins said the decision was made due to the style of the attack and on the accounts of witnesses who said the attacker cried "Allahu Akbar" (God is great in Arabic) during the incident.

The French police later shot dead the man, claimed the authorities.

Note that in France in 2015, there have been several major terrorist attacks, responsibility for which was taken by the terrorists from the "Islamic state", as well as a number of attacks with a small number of victims also recognized attacks.

The perpetrator was a "soldier of the Islamic State" and carried out the attack in response to the group's calls to target countries bombing its territories in Syria and Iraq, the statement said, according to The Independent.

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Aggression in Paris: I salute the chilly blood and responsiveness of the police forces who neutralized the assailant.

A police source told AFP one officer tried to restrain the attacker with a taser but when that failed a colleague shot the man dead.

France "will not yield an inch to the enemies of freedom", Macron said on Twitter.

Paris has been under higher security in recent years after a string of deadly terror attacks throughout Europe, many of which were claimed by the Islamic State.

French Interior Minister Gerard Collomb denounced "heinous act" and praised police "composure" and swift reaction to neutralise the attacker. The police said the attacker was armed with a knife, but gave no other details.

"The French people will no longer be content with talk, they expect action", she said.

The motive for the assault stays unclear however police stated that the suspect focused the 5 individuals.

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