Jump Back Into God of War With Photo Mode, Available Now

Jump Back Into God of War With Photo Mode, Available Now

In a press release, Santa Monica Studios announced that in their latest free update, Photo Mode will be available to all players. That's not all since there will also be different filters and borders for you to give the final touch to the image. It's silly, but great fun if you're in a first, second or third playthrough. Essentially, you can do anything you did in The Last of Us Remastered's photo mode, but in a new setting and with the option to make Kratos make amusing faces. If you find clicking in the thumbsticks too fiddly, this update is ideal for you, and you can even take a picture of Kratos being as happy as you are. Patch 1.20 is the tenth update God of War has received since the game released on April 20.

There's a lot more to God of War 's Photo Mode than simply taking screenshots. It's a shame, then, that boss fights have fallen by the wayside at every level to become terribly monotonous - but if that's the cost of what Santa Monica has built, it's certainly a price worth paying'. The studio has now shared a selection of glorious shots taken in photo mode which you can peruse below.

However, the God of War photo mode isn't the only thing that will be coming with the game's most recent patch, patch 1.20.

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Adjust depth of field, focus distance, and F-Stop of the aperature.

Add a vignette, borders, and the God of War logo. You can also selectively toggle the visibility of all characters in the scene to highlight some and subdue others. And my personal favorite, we've added the ability to change Kratos and Atreus's facial expressions. Instead of making Photo Mode a priority, though, Barlog wanted to ensure that the game itself was as good as it could be, which caused the feature to be pushed to a post-launch addition.

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