Microsoft Surface Hub 2: Pro 5 Still Nowhere In Sight

Microsoft Surface Hub 2: Pro 5 Still Nowhere In Sight

The next tablet from the tech giant is expected to release in the second half of this year and will offer a complete Windows 10 experience on the go. After the tablets didn't resonate with consumers and product reviewers, Microsoft pivoted to the more-expensive Surface Pro, a line which has gained steam and likely contributed to demand for a pro-oriented iPad, which Apple launched in 2015.

Sources said the new Surface would have rounded edges like an iPad, rather than square.

Microsoft's cheaper Surface tablets would reportedly feature a 10-inch screen, which is about the same size of the standard iPad (pictured). While we have mentioned above that these Surface tablets might feature SoCs from Qualcomm, Bloomberg reports that Intel is going to be the main supplier, but there were no details concerning which chips are going to be present in them. The lack of space will cut into the room slotted for the battery, however, and battery life is said to be four hours shorter than that of the Surface Pros. Last year Apple sold nearly $20 billion in iPads, whereas Microsoft's professional Surface line sold just $4.4 billion. Microsoft is also developing a low-priced version of its keyboard cover, stylus and mouse as well. LTE Advanced connectivity will also be an option for those who want high-speed internet coverage when away from Wi-Fi networks.

When it comes to portable computers in the tablet form-factor, there's no doubt that Apple's iPad lineup has no competitor. The Surface Pro line has prices from Dollars 799. The tablets will run Windows 10 Pro out of the box, although there's no word as to whether S Mode will be enabled by default.

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Surface revenue slumped 2%, which commentators claims is a result of the comparatively ageing Surface Pro line.

The new Surface tablets will debut in 2H18. The device will come with a 3:2 display but that is just the start.

Microsoft has had their hand in the tablet market with the Surface line, but with a different approach.

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