Minecraft Nintendo Switch Getting Cross-Play on Every Platform Except PlayStation 4

Minecraft Nintendo Switch Getting Cross-Play on Every Platform Except PlayStation 4

Well, stop frowning right now, because the new upgrade to this definitive edition is free for all who already own the game on Switch. Will you be playing this updated version of Minecraft on the Nintendo Switch? Minecraft is one of the best selling games of all time sitting at more than 144 million units sold worldwide across all platforms, including the Switch.

Microsoft also added that the Bedrock update will add achievements, gamerscore, and access to the Minecraft Marketplace. The title will support cross-platform play and the Nintendo Switch Online paid subscription service when it launches in September. Minecraft Marketplace was introduced to other versions of the game past year, and includes "cool community creations" like skins, textures packs, and maps.

Metanet Software's series of platform games, simply called N, may not be the most popular video game franchise, but it's actually had three major entries, which have been released on a wide variety of different systems.

Battle Chasers

While it is possible to play these games offline as if they were standard ports, Nintendo has also added online co-op and competitive multiplayer to numerous games for the first time.

The Bedrock version of Minecraft will launch June 21 for the Nintendo Switch system, both digitally on Nintendo eShop and as a physical release at retail. It will include the basic game, the Bedrock update with all the news described above, all the DLC and even the exclusive content previously released, such as the Super Mario Mash-Up Pack.

The all-time best-selling game, Minecraft made its mark on Nintendo Switch as well.

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