MMA Community reacts to Mackenzie Dern's submission win at UFC 224

MMA Community reacts to Mackenzie Dern's submission win at UFC 224

The fight still went forward, but Dern was penalized 30 percent of her purse, which went to Cooper. However, Dern badly missed weight, weighing in seven pounds over the limit. Attempting to get out of harm's way, Cooper rolled but gave up her back to Dern who immediately locked in a rear-naked choke forcing Cooper to tap out.

"When I got here, I was okay, but the people in the UFC, they were a little bit anxious", Dern told MMA Junkie earlier this week. "I knew that Brazil would support me". A lot of things have been happening, it's not an excuse. "It's not an excuse, missed flights and a lot of things happened and I just kept going and going". I went and ran and everything came off, so it's ideal.' ...

"On Friday, at 9 a.m". "But on Friday at 9AM, I wasn't losing any more weight". I couldn't walk anymore and the commission said you can't keep going.

Mackenzie Dern on how ashamed she feels: "I'm ashamed of that; I don't want that to happen again". Not that one thing is worse than the other, but I don't take steroids. There are champions that are caught for drugs and cocaine and things like that.

Dern did make it clear that she plans on never letting this happen again, and a way of making sure it does not is to go to the UFC Performance Institute in Las Vegas, Nevada. Nevertheless, the finalist of the 23th season of "The Ultimate Fighter" accepted the bout at a catchweight that the fighter called on her social media properties a "strawweight vs flyweight" bout.

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"My manager said the UFC wants me to move up in weight. I believe that they won't", Dern said. "I believe that's what they want. I can't lose that opportunity to get all this help from this organization that is so big and it's going to help me make weight".

Dern said she is aware of the criticism and vowed to make changes to her diet.

"I'm ashamed of it".

"I felt that even if I won, that people would say it is because of my weight", Dern said. Dern came in at close to 123 pounds, which is almost the limit for the next class above strawweight.

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