Mom of 2 slain kids says nanny tried to destroy her family

Mom of 2 slain kids says nanny tried to destroy her family

Each time she makes a wish, it's always for Leo and Lulu to come back to be with us.

"The defendant is an evil and utterly risky narcissist", he said.

"I just wanted to wake up from this nightmare that I knew wasn't a nightmare".

"It is so unfair that they are gone", the father said.

In sentencing Yoselyn Ortega, fifty six, the judge described her "pure evil" ahead of devoting her utmost term.

Ortega said she wasn't feeling well but wasn't able to go to the doctor.

"It was her intention to take their lives and to destroy the family", he said at the sentencing.

"She tried to destroy what Kevin and I set out to build, a happy family", Marina said.

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The prosecution said Ortega deliberately planned the murders and was motivated by financial problems and resentment of her wealthy employers. "We believe that the 10 Principles of Creativity can help children across this city and this country build the social-emotional skills and resilience to thrive no matter what the world throws at them".

Marina Krim said that after she testified at Ortega's trial, "I wasn't planning on coming back into this courtroom after that", but, she added, "I'm here once again to finish this terrible chapter in my and my family's life". But when they arrived, Lulu wasn't there. "This defendant to this day has shown no remorse".

Ortega had pleaded not guilty on the grounds on the grounds of mental illness, but NY courts have a high bar for proving insanity, with jurors deciding she was aware of what she was doing. According to lawyers, she heard voices, and she was repeatedly visited by a vision in which "her body was possessed by Satan".

Mrs Krim had not originally meant to return to court after an intense six-hour testimony during the trial, however she returned in ordered to "finish a terrible chapter in my family's life". Ortega, who's from the Dominican Republic, had been recommended by her sister, a nanny for another NY family, and her background and references were faked by her family.

Ortega stabbed Leo five times and Lucia 30 times, according to testimony from an assistant medical examiner.

But prosecutors Stuart Silberg and Courtney Groves had contended Ortega had full knowledge of what she was doing, leaving behind her cell phone and hanging other important documents on a doorknob in the apartment she shared with her sister and son on the day of the slayings.

Ortega had worked for the Krims for some two years before she killed their babies.

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