Monica Lewinski uninvited from magazine event because of Bill Clinton

Monica Lewinski uninvited from magazine event because of Bill Clinton

Lewinsky - who was at the center of a sex scandal with Clinton in the mid-90s - was dropped from Town & Country's annual philanthropic event Wednesday when the ex-president chose to attend. In her tweet, Lewinsky mentioned an American author, Emily Post, who became famous for writing about etiquette, saying that she "would def not approve" of Town and Country's move.

Lewinsky had an affair with Clinton when he was president.

Her Twitter is a consistent source of awesomeness as she's not afraid to remember the 90s.

Whatever happened, Lewinsky seemed put out by it, judging by her tone in a tweet sent Wednesday.

Lewinsky's rescinded invitation wasn't just a snub, however, nor were her tweets a petty overreaction to be dismissed.

Lewinsky, 44, said the organizers behind the event offered her the opportunity to write a magazine article instead.

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Clinton spoke at Town and Country magazine's philanthropic event Wednesday in NY.

Other outlets quickly reported that it was Town & Country magazine who had disinvited Lewinsky, although this was not initially confirmed.

Lewinsky made headlines in 1998 when a sex scandal came to light involving the then-White House intern and Clinton while he was in office.

Angel Ureña, President Clinton's press secretary, addressed the situation on Twitter. Would they disinvite them after abusing their power to get what they wanted from them?'

The former White House intern and anti-bullying activist says she was invited to an event about social change - considering she's an ambassador for several bullying prevention organizations and a board member on another, sheis an ideal guest.

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