'Mother of Satan' explosives used in Surabaya church bombings

'Mother of Satan' explosives used in Surabaya church bombings

On Monday, a second day of attacks came as militants attempted to bomb a police headquarters in the same city but detonated their explosives after being stopped at a checkpoint, according to ABC News. "Two people were riding (on the motorcycle) and a woman was sitting at the back". The blast killed the parents and two of their children and wounded six civilians and four policemen.

The group's spiritual leader is Aman Abdurrahman, a jailed Indonesian radical who authorised the Jakarta attack and is considered the de facto leader of all IS supporters in Indonesia.

He said the wife and two daughters were involved in an attack on a second church and at the third church "two other children rode the motorbike and had the bomb across their laps".

Television footage appeared to show a person on a motorcycle driving into the grounds of a church before a bomb was detonated.

Despite their apparent allegiance to the Islamic State group, the church-bombing family were not returnees from Syria, police said yesterday, correcting their earlier statements.

Indonesian President Joko Widodo condemned the attacks as "cowardly, undignified and inhumane" and pledged to push through the national legislature an anti-terrorism bill should the parliament fail to pass it.

Indonesia, which is set to host the Asian Games in just three months, has long struggled with Islamist militancy, including the 2002 Bali bombings that killed more than 200 people - mostly foreign tourists - in the country's worst terror attack.

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It is made up of nearly two dozen Indonesian extremist groups that have pledged allegiance to IS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, according to the US State Department, which past year designated it as an extremist network.

What attacks have they carried out?

Police also reported that Sunday evening, a mother and her teenage daughter were killed in a Surabaya suburb when a bomb being handled by the family's father prematurely went off, CNN reported.

"ISIS is still a very, very real threat and I want to say how much we condemn the shocking terrorist attacks in Surabaya", he told reporters on Tuesday.

The family's father exploded a vehicle bomb, while the mother was with their two daughters aged nine and 12 and two sons aged 18 and 16 used a motorbike in an attack on another church, police said.

Security experts said the attacks represented the first time in Indonesia that children had been used by militants on a suicide mission.

He said that families could also avoid communicating using technology that could be tracked.

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