NDP Poised For Majority Says Forum Poll

NDP Poised For Majority Says Forum Poll

A previous analysis of opinion polling back in March showed that the Ontario PC party would have won a sizable majority government and putting leader Doug Ford in the premier's chair if the June 7 vote was held back then.

The Liberals also provided an affidavit from the woman running against Surma for the nomination, saying she encountered several people who were on the party membership list but said they had not signed any forms or paid any fees.

A spokeswoman for Ford wouldn't comment except to say Ford himself will be available to reporters at 11 a.m.

Martino also alleged that Ford intimidated her by following her home, but Ford denied those accusations.

He did not deny the authenticity of an audio recording backing up the claims, but he did deny paying for anyone else's membership.

There is also the recent developments of an alleged data hack at the 407 ETR which resulted in the compromised information of some 60,000 customers, and revelations that nearly 30 separate Tory candidates could have benefited from that information in their nomination contest or fundraising efforts.

"This campaign is about change for the better, it's about a future in Ontario where people can start building a better life again", Horwath said at a stop in east-end Toronto.

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As for who would make the best premier, 33% said Andrea Horwath, 30% said Doug Ford and 15% said Kathleen Wynne.

"Mr. Thibeault has made a number of statements that are not believable", she said.

A similar trend is showing here, with the NDP and PCs neck and neck in the critical regions of Toronto and the GTA. "The NDP has left $85 million out of the NOHFC", Wynne said.

In two of the three polls published recently, the gap between the PCs and the NDP has narrowed even further and has shown the NDP making progress.

As the NDP's popularity appears to rise, so has the attention from its competitors, who have increasingly focused their attacks on the party in recent days.

The long-term energy plan released by the Liberal government last year has Pickering operating until 2024, and they say shutting it down this year would put Ontario's energy supply and the production of medical isotopes at risk.

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