South Koreans Are Still Buzzing Over Last Month's Inter-Korean Summit

South Koreans Are Still Buzzing Over Last Month's Inter-Korean Summit

But, despite the rays of hope emanating from the peninsula, Trump may come to regret having taken center stage, especially as his own summit with Kim draws closer.

The summit will occur in Singapore on June 12. Beyond that, he is generally guided by a sense of indignation against his predecessors, especially President Barack Obama, for having been too gullible or unfocused to solve the problem at hand.

North Korea's former spy chief Kim Yong Chul, director of the country's United Front Department, boasted in a toast to Pompeo over lunch in Pyongyang on Wednesday that North Korea had "perfected" it nuclear capability.

At best, a Trump-Kim summit will produce more vague formulations of what might be possible through further talks. During that meeting, Kim agreed to the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula.

Pompeo added that the United States "will have to provide security assurances" to Kim as well.

"The North Korean leader has committed to denuclearisation, and formally so through the Panmunjom Declaration".

Meanwhile, US media commented that if Trump is successful in convincing Kim to agree to a verifiable eradication of his nuclear weapons program - a huge if - Trump will have achieved a breakthrough that has eluded previous presidents.

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But on the question of whether North Korea will return to the status of a non-nuclear state and rejoin the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, Kim will demur.

The current whirlwind of diplomacy and negotiations will not end with "a honest and complete disarmament" but with "a reduced North Korean nuclear threat", said Thae Yong-ho, who fled his post as the North's deputy ambassador to Britain in August 2016. "It would be an activity that undertook to ensure that we didn't end up in the same place that we'd ended up before, or multiple passes at trying to solve this conundrum for the world, how to ensure that North Korea doesn't possess the capacity to threaten not only the USA but the world with nuclear weapons", Pompeo said. But he will still plead for more time. The North appears to be willing to talk about other issues that have resulted in tensions with the South, the USA and other nations. People in the North have lived under a dictatorship and have had few freedoms. He was released by the Kim administration only because he was severely ill. He will not, however, take any responsibility for the beatings Warmbier apparently endured.

Trump would have claimed a summit in Washington as a major diplomatic win.

A new CNN poll shows that after rattling the nation and the world past year by threatening to wipe North Korea off the map, his turn to diplomacy is winning increasing public approval. Therefore, she said, any change in the size of the USA forces in the South Korea should not be on the table at the summit. Estimates suggest the value of North Korea's basic minerals - coal, copper, etc. - ranges from $6 to $10 trillion total, not counting the rare earth metals.

Washington is seeking the "complete, verifiable and irreversible denuclearisation (CVID)" of the North and stresses that verification will be key.

Moreover, he will need to keep all alternatives on the table, even though military options are becoming less tenable in the context of inter-Korean dialogue. North Koreans are starving, at least those who aren't part of Kim's entourage. Then again, persuading Trump to engage in self-reflection could prove to be the toughest challenge yet.

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