US Warns Russian-German Gas Pipeline Risks Triggering Sanctions

US Warns Russian-German Gas Pipeline Risks Triggering Sanctions

The $11 billion project would double the amount of natural gas Russian Federation can funnel to Western Europe from newly tapped reserves in Siberia.

"Any pipeline project-and there are many multiple pipeline projects in the world that are potentially covered by this sanctions authority-is in an elevated position of sanctions risk", she said.

Washington pursues its own goals when it tries to prevent the construction of the Nord Stream-2 gas pipeline, Altmayer said as quoted by Reuters.

The US push came a day before Chancellor Angela Merkel travels to Sochi to meet Russian President Vladimir Putin for talks that will touch on Nord Stream 2, as well as the US decision to withdraw from the Iran nuclear deal.

About it reports the German edition of N-TV with reference to the representatives of the governments of the USA, Germany and the EU.

The U.S. stepped up its opposition to the Nord Stream 2 natural gas pipeline, saying the project raises security concerns and that it could draw U.S. sanctions, U.S. Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Energy diplomacy Sandra Oudkirk said.

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According to Altmaier, the European Union must ensure that Ukraine will remain a gas even after the new pipeline will be built.

Earlier in the interview, Altmaier also defended the Nord Stream 2 pipeline, which Washington, along with many eastern European countries, would like to block.

She said the Baltic was a congested, sensitive military area.

Deutsche Welle however points out that the White House also has an ulterior motive in this matter as it "would like to export to Europe the natural gas it extracts through hydraulic fracking, pushing Gazprom out of the market".

It added the national permitting procedures in the other three countries along the route - Russia, Sweden and Denmark - are "proceeding as planned".

Early last month, before the Merkel was on an official visit to come to the United States of America, it became known that one of the key topics of the talks will be "Nord stream 2".

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