Utah Police Say Autopilot Mode Was On

Utah Police Say Autopilot Mode Was On

It is our view that the challenges in ramping up Model 3 production reflect fundamental issues of vehicle design, manufacturing process, and automation levels that can weigh against the profitability of the vehicle.

A Tesla logo is seen in Los Angeles, California U.S. January 12, 2018.

Information that police are hoping to glean from that data includes confirmation that the autopilot was engaged, whether or not the brakes were ever applied, how fast the vehicle was going and what, if any, warnings or alerts were issued by the autopilot system to the driver. "Eyetracking rejected for being ineffective, not for cost".

Tesla has said that autopilot requires constant vigilance and is not meant to take over driving responsibilities.

Responding to a user who indicated that Tesla's autopilot function still needs safety tweaking, Musk stated: "It certainly needs to be better & we work to improve it every day, but ideal is enemy of good".

"These cars can't drive themselves, but it's too easy for consumers to think they can", says William Wallace, senior policy analyst for Consumers Union, the advocacy division of Consumer Reports.

Tesla's record of miles driven could not be confirmed by Reuters.

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A Tesla spokesperson did not comment following the disclosure about the use of the feature.

Meanwhile, Tesla is being investigated by the transport safety authorities for a crash, during which, the driver said, the Autopilot feature was on.

In a statement, the South Jordan Police Department said the driver admitted that she was looking at her phone prior to the collision.

Jonas, a one-time Tesla bull, has sobered on the company as of recent - he has held an equal-weight rating on the stock for nearly a year.

A Tesla spokesperson told Newsweek on Tuesday: "Tesla has not yet received any data from the auto and thus does not know the facts of what occurred, including whether Autopilot was engaged".

Earlier this year, Tesla CEO Elon Musk said the company would hit its goal of building 5,000 model 3's per week by June.

The National Transportation Safety Board has not opened an investigation into the crash, spokesman Keith Holloway said, though it could decide to do so.

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