'Yanny Vs. Laurel' Debate: How To Hear It Both Ways

'Yanny Vs. Laurel' Debate: How To Hear It Both Ways

Goetz also says if people listen on different devices they can hear different pitches and notice different sounds. "It's not a very high quality". He adds that hearing is passive whereas listening is when people try to interpret what they have heard.

In a tweet that has gone viral, a three second recording only has a single word that has sparked a social media war.

So while the audio clip was made for the word laurel, it would appear Team Yanny has the better hearing.

As for the word "laurel" it was reportedly recorded by a member of the original cast of CATS on Broadway. If it was up to us to decide, we'd say we hear "Yanny".

"I hear Laurel and everyone is a liar".

He noticed similarities in the features of these words, which you can see below. "How is it possible that people can hear one word or the other?"

Britt Yazel, a neuroscience doctoral student at University of California, Davis, analyzed the sound file and filtered out all the sound above the frequency 4.5 kilohertz. They claimed that while the British pronunciation (typically sounding deeper) sounded like "laurel", the American pronunciation (typically higher-pitched) was more iffy, with some hearing "yanny".

Here we go again.

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"It is possible that that recording is altered to make some of those sounds ambiguous and our brain is left to fill in the blank", Geddes said. "You hear something, but the person fills in the blank with Yanny and one person fills in the blank with Laurel", he said.

The internet was seemingly split Tuesday when a circulating audio clip asked listeners to choose: Do they hear "Yanny?". She says the brain plays an important role in perception.

What do you hear?

No matter what you believe, there's still the one burning question left unanswered; what do you hear?

Next, listen to this clip, which is no longer noisy. Why can't we "hear" the other side?

User Dani said she was flashing back to "the dress".

"Expectations can really bias your perception of speech sounds", Houde told Business Insider.

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