You'll be able to play Steam games on your phone next week

You'll be able to play Steam games on your phone next week

The Android version of the app first will appear as a beta, Valve mentions. Today's announcement brings the service to Android and iOS via the new Steam Link app.

The bigger of the two apps, Steam Link, would allow users to stream games from their PC or Mac to devices ranging from phones and tablets to Apple TVs.

May 9, 2018 - Two free new apps - the Steam Link app and the Steam Video app - are preparing for launch in the coming weeks, both created to extend Steam's suite of services and accessibility. This app is focused on watching videos, movies and TV shows purchased on Steam. It'll also feature support for MFI controllers, the Steam Controller, and various other input methods. That's not bad, but it's not exactly as free as "Play Steam games on your phone" might imply. This one will be released in the summer. The software will also be followed, Valve has promised, by Steam Video, which provides access to Steam's library of video content over Wi-Fi or mobile connectivity in streamed and offline modes. This includes over a mobile data connection so you are not tied to your home network.

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The release of these two apps further cement Steam's position as the go to place for PC gamers.

This may seem like a unusual piece of software for Valve to create at first - after all, they're likely not going to compete with the likes of Netflix anytime soon - but the company claims it was developed in "direct response" to customer feedback.

It has been clear for some time that Valve wants you to be able to play titles from the Steam catalog without having to be stuck to your computer.

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