Bioware's Anthem Will Be Released On Feb. 22nd For Consoles And PC

The world has been described as highly unsafe, with storms, monstrous creatures, and a deadly environment that requires the Javelin, a suit of highly protective powered armor.

After the severe criticism EA received for Battlefront 2 previous year, this time around the company has vowed to change the game.

Anthem, the next game from developers Bioware, is coming out on the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC on the 22nd of February, 2019.

It's time to get excited Star Wars fans, as EA just announced a new single player Star Wars game.

Again, like Destiny, ANTHEM will also require an online connection, meaning that you won't be able to play unless you're connected to the internet.

Many see it as the successor to BioWare's Mass Effect series, which has been killed off for the time being.

You'll still be building relationships and maintaining friendships, but you won't be falling for any specific characters the way we did in BioWare's previous games. "Instead of coming out of the gate and sprinting like we really wanted to, we had to take a step back and make sure that we were delivering a game that players really wanted".

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And if that's not enough Star Wars gaming news, EA dropped the trailer for the new Han Solo Season which now includes the Kessel mission, where players can pilot the Millennium Falcon with L3-37 as their co-pilot.

PvP - Anthem will not include player versus player multiplayer at launch, but they may add it later.

Loot Crates - Since EA is publishing the game, many gamers feared that Anthem would be riddled with the pay to win advantages that almost killed Star Wars Battlefront 2.

There will be cosmetics and vanity items available for purchase, but there will be no loot boxes.

Formal Missions: Talk to A.I. agents to be given instructions on more substantial missions that will provide you with more details on characters, creatures, and Anthem history. Change the paint job, apply decals (one design looked suspiciously similar to the Mass Effect N7 suit), and even change the shape of the suit itself to suit your fancy. The exact launch date is February 22, 2019.

It also sounds like BioWare plans on having a considerable amount of future DCL for Anthem. EA hasn't gone anywhere near the concept of stat-altering loot yet, but at least we know we'll be able to look rad.

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