Davis tells Tory rebels Brexit vote is irreversible

Davis tells Tory rebels Brexit vote is irreversible

The U.K. voted to leave the political and economic bloc of 28 nations in June 2016.

He called for Brexit to be delayed, and for the public to get a second referendum on the terms of any exit deal. If and when agreement can be reached, the new amendment will be introduced in the House of Lords, when the bill returns there in the next stage of its passage through parliament.

Who is the minister who has resigned?

After 11 straight votes on the UK Government's EU Withdrawal Bill, they took to Twitter to vent their understandable frustration at the lack of electronic voting.

That is when Theresa May reportedly gave 15-20 Conservative "rebels" assurances that the government would accept the general meaning of Dominic Grieve's alternative amendment.

"The Government's amendment today provides for a meaningful vote".

If May is defeated by a wide margin her position as Prime Minister could be threatened.

One of the leading Tory rebels has told the BBC "the government has bent not broken" but it leaves the "fight for another day".

The votes of opposition lawmakers will also be important.

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It is believed the change of language would carry the support of Remain and Brexit backing MPs.

The shock move came as the Prime Minister warned senior ministers in her Cabinet that defeat on a series of Lords amendments over the next two days would undermine the Government and make negotiations with Brussels harder.

What do the newspapers say about the votes?

Just hours before the vote, the pressure on Ms. The Daily Express featured the British flag as its front page with the headline: "Ignore the will of the people at your peril". It also attacked the unelected nature of the House of Lords (which traditionally scrutinizes laws passed to it by the elected lower chamber), linking it to a perceived attempt to frustrate the Brexit process.

The "meaningful vote" amendment was the only potential government defeat, after remainers and Brexiters struck a compromise deal overnight over the customs union.

"I voted to remain in the European Union and have not changed my view that continued membership would have been the better strategic course", he wrote on Twitter.

Theresa May saw off a revolt from the pro-European wing of her fractured party, averting what could have been a major political crisis.

Opening the debate, Brexit Secretary David Davis insisted the government would abide by three principles to defend the will of the British people. He was said to have changed his mind after a promise from May that such a temporary union would last no later than 2021.

Dr Lee said his main objection to Government policy was over the "wish to limit Parliament's role in contributing to the final outcome" and signalled he would rebel on the issue in the Commons later.

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