FCC chairman celebrates the end of net neutrality with more lies

FCC chairman celebrates the end of net neutrality with more lies

Net neutrality is a way to ensure that internet service providers (ISPs) treat all online data equally - and former President Barack Obama's administration enacted a law that protected it in 2015.

The Federal Communications Commission's repeal of its net neutrality rules officially takes effect Monday, but you shouldn't expect your internet experience to change immediately.

The Obama era mandate gave consumers equal access and equal speeds to all content on the internet.

More than 20 states sued the government to stop the repeal, as did the public-interest group Free Press, think tank Open Technology Institute and Firefox browser maker Mozilla. In other words, no speeding up, slowing down or blocking specific websites or online services.

The Federal Communications Commission said the repeal will remove problematic regulations. To commemorate the occasion, FCC chairman Ajit Pai - the man mainly responsible for the repeal of Net Neutrality - penned an op-ed piece for CNET in which he champions the dissolution of internet regulations.

Some states are trying to ensure that net neutrality is in effect, these states include Washington, Montana, and NY; other states have legislation pending.

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Most now have service terms that specify they won't give preferential treatment to certain websites and services, including their own.

To take a classic example, this means Comcast couldn't just choose to slow down a service like Netflix to make its own streaming video service more competitive, nor could it try to squeeze Netflix to pay more money to be part of a so-called internet fast lane. Additionally, 22 states' and Washington DC's attorneys general have filed a lawsuit alongside almost a dozen other groups, challenging the FCC decision. ISPs formerly made the case that net neutrality failed to allow them to recoup the costs incurred in linking their networks to content providers, often citing Netflix, which consumes a double-digit percentage of all Internet traffic in the United States during peak hours. In California, SB 822 is scheduled for Assembly committee hearings this month after the state senate approved it at the end of May. In a phone interview, Hansen told me that during the bill's hearings, even the giant cable companies said they agree with the principles of net neutrality. But the push is unlikely to succeed: while a vote in the Senate has put pressure on the House, the larger Republican majority in House is likely to keep things from going any further.

"The public is outraged and fighting tooth and nail to get Congress to overrule the FCC - and it's likely that that will happen before ISPs can do too much damage", Greer said.

"The internet is coming for net neutrality".

Passed by the Republican-led FCC in December, the Restoring Internet Freedom Order ends the agency's prohibitions against internet service providers blocking, slowing down, or providing preferential treatment to particular internet sites and services.

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