First boat in Aquarius convoy with 630 migrants docks in Spain

First boat in Aquarius convoy with 630 migrants docks in Spain

Migrants descended the Italian coast guard vessel Dattilo upon arrival at the eastern port of Valencia, Spain.

Following Salvini's decision to prevent the Aquarius from docking, however, Malta quickly followed suit, leaving the vessel stranded at sea until Spain offered to take the ship.

MSF, who along with French charity SOS Mediterranee were treating the migrants on board the ship, said two passengers drowned last weekend when the ship first encountered difficulties off Libya.

The Aquarius, a Doctors Without Borders vessel that rescued migrants off Libya's coast last week and was refused harbor by Italy and Malta, docked in Spain Sunday.

Far-right wing protesters hold Spanish flags and a banner reading "We don't want refugees" as they demonstrate against the arrival of migrants in the Aquarius.

High waves and winds forced the convoy to take a detour on their 1,500-kilometre (930-mile) voyage to Spain.

He recently offered to take in the rescue ship Aquarius with 629 people on board.

Spain's Government swooped in to help the mainly sub-Saharan Africans, who had been rescued from the Mediterranean Ocean.

More than 120 unaccompanied minors and seven pregnant women are among those who have spent days crossing the western Mediterranean, according to officials in Valencia. A search is underway off the coast of Almeria after four sub-Saharan men rescued by helicopter said their dinghy had been carrying a total 47 people when it sank.

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Italy's new populist government is criticizing aid groups that rescue migrants in the Mediterranean Sea, declaring two German rescue boats can't dock in Italian ports even though the groups operate at sea and don't bring migrants ashore.

After days of bickering and food and water running low on the ship, Spain stepped in and granted the rescue boat entry.

The Dattilo, an Italian vessel, arrived at Valencia before 7 a.m. and passengers began disembarking, according to images shown by Spanish state broadcaster TVE.

Meanwhile, on June 15, Italy's coastguard was recovering another 500 migrants, Transport Minister Danilo Toninelli said.

In Valencia, officials in white protective suits and masks greeted the migrants as they debarked and police started identifying them and processing their information.

Countries have an obligation to host and protect asylum-seekers "according to global law for refugees but also according to the principles of humanity", As Sy said.

In Rome, thousands of people protested against Italy's anti-migrant policies, as they demanded the government find a more humane solution to an issue which has divided Europe.

The Aquarius case exposed divisions within the European Union on migration policies and revived calls for a reform of EU migration and asylum rules in view of an EU summit scheduled for late June.

The Aquarius, operated by Doctors Without Borders and SOS Mediterranee Sea, and another Italian government boat with migrants will dock in Valencia in the next few hours. Through the first five months of 2018, some 35,455 migrants reached European shores, with 11,792 of them arriving in Spain.

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