Five dead following Border Patrol vehicle chase in Texas

Five dead following Border Patrol vehicle chase in Texas

Five immigrants died and several were wounded in a crash in Texas on Sunday after a high-speed chase by US Border Patrol agents, local media reported.

Dimmit County Sheriff Marion Boyd says Border Patrol initiated the chase 12 miles West of Big Wells on Texas Highway 85.

"What's missing is a conductor", says the man in Spanish, whom ProPublica identifies as a border agent.

The third vehicle kept going when agents encountered it, and a sheriff's deputy took over the chase prior to the fatal crash, the border patrol said.

Four people were pronounced dead at the scene, while a fifth later died after being airlifted to a hospital in San Antonio.

If this high-speed chase involved American citizens we'd be asking some really tough questions about why law enforcement officials insisted on such a risky pursuit to stop people who, as far as they knew, were not involved in any violent behavior.

Audio captured from inside a facility used to detain migrant children separated from their families emerged Monday amid scrutiny of the administration's "zero tolerance" immigration policy. It may turn out that they were, but for now all we know is that authorities believed they were illegal immigrants.

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The passenger, also believed to be a USA citizen, is now in custody. The agent stopped one vehicle and called out a description of the other two, which prompted another agent to stop the second vehicle. Over a six-week period ending in May, about 2,000 children had been separated from their families, administration officials said Friday.

The incident comes amid heightened tensions over the treatment of immigrants at the southern USA border.

Border Patrol agents taking into custody a father and a son from Honduras near the US-Mexico border on Tuesday near Mission, Texas. Most occupants were ejected from the vehicle as it flipped on the highway, with 4 being found dead on the scene.

He added: 'This is a ideal example of why our borders need to be secure.

"McCain says the policy is" an affront to the decency of the American people" and contrary to principles and values that America was founded on.

In a later interview, Boyd said the vehicle reached 100 miles per hour before the driver lost control and crashed.

Immigration has been a sensitive issue in recent weeks with the Justice and Homeland Security Departments strictly applying immigration laws, which treat border-jumpers as lawbreakers worthy of prosecution.

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