Horwath makes strategic voting pitch to Liberal supporters to stop PCs

Horwath makes strategic voting pitch to Liberal supporters to stop PCs

The investigation detailed a 2013 meeting between a Liberal infrastructure minister, Glen Murray, and Marolyn Morrison, where the then-mayor of Caledon, Ont., said she faced pressure to support a residential development near her town, which she says she refused.

She is making stops in Liberal Premier Kathleen Wynne's riding and the riding of Jim Bradley, who has held his St. Catharines seat since 1977. A vote for the Liberal Party is your best bet to make sure that the next government is not a majority government.

"Now, a vote for Kathleen Wynne and a vote for Doug Ford mean the same thing".

At this point Liberals have to ask themselves: do I ever bother voting for my party if my leader has basically given up the fight?

Her plea comes at a time when polls suggest the Liberals, who have been trailing behind the Progressive Conservatives and the New Democrats, could be at risk of losing official party status after the June 7 vote. "It's probably bad news for the New Democrats to the extent that it has an effect".

"It would be great if all of us agreed that inclusion and acceptance of difference was what we believed in and we shared that value system", Wynne said.

If Horwath wins Thursday she'll make a variety of services free, turn student loans into grants (encouraging more jobless millennials to become professional students) and turn Ontario into a Sanctuary province - without a clue how to pay for all of it except to heap even more debt on future generations.

But it is not clear how Ford could come down hard on polluters without a price on pollution.

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There's only five more days until Election Day. It's about the people of this province.

Ontario NDP leader Andrea Horwath called Wynne's decision "a unsafe game", in a statement that also read: "Kathleen Wynne has abandoned the fight against Doug Ford cuts".

People want change but, by and large, they are confident about where Ontario stands and where Ontario's headed.

Doug Ford wants Ontario municipalities to have the same kind of strong-mayor system as many big cities in the USA, saying a more powerful chief magistrate would be preferable to the "free-for-all" of current councils.

Like a true political chameleon, she'll do and say whatever she thinks will win her votes.

Ford has said a Tory government would run deficits for the first two or three years, but his plan doesn't spell out the size of those deficits, a path to balance or a way to start paying down the debt.

"A majority with Doug Ford is the scariest situation for me", says Kerk. "But this time around, the NDP actually has a chance so ..." "People want clean lakes, they want clean rivers, they want clean air and we're going to make sure that we deliver that".

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