How to download iOS 12 on your iPhone or iPad

How to download iOS 12 on your iPhone or iPad

For example, if you order coffee at the same place every morning, Siri will learn this and suggest if you want your usual order on your device's lock screen, and you can tap to order it from there. If you're running late to a meeting, Siri may recommend that you shoot a message to someone letting them know you're going to be a few minutes.

Notifications: You now have greater control over notifications, so they can be delivered quietly directly to the Notification Center. Were you expecting more improvements from Apple? For instance, you might program Siri to pull up a live traffic report and your favorite driving music after saying "Siri, I'm heading home".

What are you hoping to see Apple address? That's a huge deal, and it's just the tip of the iceberg for Apple's new iOS 12 release.

"Some apps demand more of our attention than we might realise", Mr Federighi said. Its engineers have spent the a year ago busy on a stack of improvements for iOS, macOS, watchOS and tvOS, and we've got a full rundown for you here. After the update, apps should launch 40% faster, the keyboard should appear 50% faster, and the camera will open 70% faster on older devices.

Developers can get their hands on beta versions of these updates right now, though the rest of us will have to wait a month or two until the public betas roll around. Based on the announcements at WWDC '18, that definitely seems to be the case. Screen Time works with Family Sharing and is quick to set up. It'll be available on the Apple Watch Series 1 and later, so anyone with an original Apple Watch will remain on watchOS 4.

Grouped notifications: We all get a rush of anxiety, or even panic when we see how many notifications our phone has racked up while away from it.

Apple's Craig Federighi details new measures to help you ignore your phone.

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iOS 12 will ensure better Augmented Reality (AR) experiences and new ways to communicate.

Shared experiences is an important addition to ARKit because it means AR on the iPhone and iPad is no longer a solitary experience. Adobe's Creative Cloud services will support the new file format.

The company also announced ARKit 2 for developing more immersive AR experiences.

Support for third-party navigation apps in its CarPlay system, including Google Maps. For example, Do Not Disturb will stop your phone from displaying notifications during a given timeframe, such as at night. The ability to group notifications will help organize and deal with notifications that come up.

The new search functionality will use image recognition to find or group photos by recognising events, actions, and genres.

There are also talks that Apple will let its macOS and iOS run apps across platforms without requiring separate versions of the software-a project called the Marzipan Project.

The focus on digital wellbeing comes at a time when technology companies including Facebook, Twitter, Google and Apple are being scrutinised for their use of habit-forming design practices that encourage people to spend more time on their devices, such as infinite scrolling, notifications and other behavioural "nudges".

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