IOS 12 wants you to spend less time on your faster iPhone

IOS 12 wants you to spend less time on your faster iPhone

It'll raise alerts to let customers decide on a case-by-case basis whether they want to let "clever and relentless" data companies track them. It's the latest example of Apple blurring the lines between its two main computer ecosystems - iOS and MacOS - and it starts with Voice Memos, Apple News, Stocks, and Home, all new apps coming to the Mac with Mojave.

On opening day of its annual developer conference, Apple announced plans to make its AI-powered digital assistant Siri more robust in iOS 12 with a new property called "shortcuts".

iOS 12 notably promises performance improvements for earlier model iPhones and iPads, as well as new messaging features such as Group Facetime, Memojis, and more robust Animojis. The iOS App Store got video previews way back in 2014 as part of the iOS 8 update, but no equivalent feature ever made its way to the Mac App Store.

Search will also add a "For You" upgrade, which shows photos from a user's important moments. Apple said it was working on "new features and enhancements" to address the concerns, and in March added a new webpage to educate parents about existing controls.

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It stated that iOS 12 will double down on performance, making devices faster and more responsive. Tapping on a notification allows the user to individually view and dismiss notifications as needed. Memoji and Fun Camera Effects New features make communicating with friends and family from iPhone X more expressive with new Animoji and personalized Memoji characters that are customizable and fun.

Apple has officially unveiled iOS 12 with Group FaceTime calling, Memoji, Siri Shortcuts, and more.

The iOS App Store has been a huge money maker for Apple, and for its developers. For that, try f.lux, a third-party app that can change the white balance of your display to a more soothing setting. The Alphabet Inc. company has a new Dashboard for Android phones that lets people monitor how long they're using other apps and reminds them to take a break. That, Federighi says, has been a particular area of focus for Apple this past year. Its approach includes fading the screen to gray before bed, a dashboard that shows how much time you've spent on the phone, and a "shush" mode that silences calls and notifications when a phone is face down. The buzz is that macOS could also get Hey Siri support. That could soon change with iOS 12 where Apple may open the technology up to a variety of other uses, allowing you to use NFC for other tasks such as unlocking doors.

"Today is all about software", said Apple CEO Tim Cook in his keynote speech at the McEnery Convention Center on Monday.

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