Jedi: Fallen Order - New Star Wars Game Coming from Respawn

Jedi: Fallen Order - New Star Wars Game Coming from Respawn

According to Zampella, the game takes place during "The Dark Times" and you play as a Jedi.

Zampella also revealed that Jedi: Fallen Order will be released during Holiday 2019. There's plenty of uncharted territory, and focusing on a Jedi trying to survive on the run is quite the intriguing prospect. Jedi are insanely popular, and so maybe Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order will give us an experience worthy of the Star Wars name. This means that players will be living in the era between Star Wars Episodes 3 and 4, when the Jedi are being hunted down and exterminated.

When asked if Respawn would have anything more to show us at next year's E3, Zampella enthusiastically replied, "Oh yeah". The publisher also stated that they have a "few surprises" so this Respawn game could, if anything, fall under that banner. Darth Vader? Maybe the game will feature some other famous Star Wars faces. The studio is known for its multiplayer first-person shooters "Titanfall" and "Titanfall 2". The studio is now working on a Star Wars game, a VR gaming experience, and a Titanfall sequel.

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The studio's Star Wars game has more concrete details behind it, but still not much.

Here's where we get to speculate for the next day or so about what Zampella could be talking about.

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