Netanyahu: Iran nuclear deal is in fact dead

Netanyahu: Iran nuclear deal is in fact dead

Mr Netanyahu blamed Assad directly for allowing Iranian troops to become entrenched within Syria and in turn threaten Israel.

The prime minister was referring to the presence of Iranian military bases in Syria, which Israel has said repeatedly that it will not tolerate.

It was reported on Friday that the cancellation of the European Union Foreign Policy Chief's scheduled visit to Israel next week is a result of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's reaction to a request to meet with him.

His regime is not immune.

Netanyahu said Tuesday that his main focus now is how to push Iranian forces out of Syria.

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"The consequences are not merely to the Iranian forces there but to the Assad regime as well, I think it's something that he should consider very seriously".

He heads later Wednesday to London for meetings with British Prime Minister Theresa May and Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson. If you are a European, Asian or any company in the world, you will have to choose whether to conduct business with Iran in a rejection of business with the United States.

"It's a done deal - in the other meaning of the word", he added, noting companies were already pulling out of Iran under threat of damaging USA sanctions.

Mr Netanyahu's threats come at the end of his four-day diplomatic tour of Europe during which he lobbied European leaders to take a tougher stance against Iran and in particular follow Donald Trump's lead of withdrawing from the Iran nuclear deal.

"I found considerable agreement on that goal". Stop them. That's what I think is happening now.

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