Tesla Roadster will have 'SpaceX option' that adds rocket thrusters

Tesla Roadster will have 'SpaceX option' that adds rocket thrusters

Exactly which self-driving features will be rolled out in the update remain to be seen, but speaking with Tesla, the brand suggest the aforementioned features won't turn Level 2 autonomous vehicles into fully self-driving, Level 5 cars overnight.

Tesla Inc. (TSLA) is rolling out the next version of its software in August, and it will include a focus on self-driving features, CEO Elon Musk said in a tweet.

The Tesla had been following a lead vehicle and travelling at the speed limit (of 65mph) eight seconds before the crash, the report said, taking advantage of the "Autopilot" system that allows drivers to follow the behaviour of a lead vehicle while maintaining a fixed distance from it.

Tesla will get the new software update after two years as Version 8 was announced back in 2016, which brought a revamped user interface, a set of new features and significant improvements to Autopilot.

Tesla argued it had dropped out of the investigation, contending that restrictions on disclosures about the crash could jeopardize public safety by preventing the timely release of information about Autopilot to consumers.

But proponents were quick to celebrate Musk's promised upgrade, with Tesla stock surging in after-hours trading. The version 9 update will be pushed out over-the-air to Tesla owners. "With V9, we will begin to enable full self-driving features".

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Tesla has repeatedly said Autopilot is meant to be used with an attentive driver whose hands are on the wheel, but the most visible accidents involving Autopilot have included reports of distracted drivers. The Tesla product architect revealed that version 9 of Autopilot will aim to fix that issue.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has provided more details about the SpaceX upgrade package the company will offer for its upcoming Roadster sports vehicle.

Elon Musk responded on Twitter saying: "Sigh".

Musk also mulled possibility of the rocket thrusters helping the auto getting some serious air.

Tesla shares closed 0.50% higher at $317.66. Tesla representatives said they are investigating the incident.

As to the benefits, Musk noted that "these rocket engines dramatically improve acceleration, top speed, braking & cornering".

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