Watch the Insane Tom Cruise Mission Impossible Skydive Stunt Featurette

Watch the Insane Tom Cruise Mission Impossible Skydive Stunt Featurette

Spanned over 20 years since the first installment, Tom Cruise hasn't lost his touch in making his audience crave for more adventure and action.

Mission: Impossible: Fallout will be in cinemas from 26 July.

Cruise made the halo jump - a military free-fall manoeuvre created to get troops on the ground undetected - for a scene in his upcoming movie, Mission Impossible: Fallout, which was filmed in Abu Dhabi, among other locations. Not only that, but it appears Cruise is actually pioneering this ultra-niche act when it comes to presenting it on the silver screen as an actor.

As this behind-the-scenes featurette explains, Cruise - who's turns 56 next month - hurled himself out on airplane at 25,000 feet to complete a HALO jump. The risky jump is known as HALO (High Altitude Low Open) and is mostly employed by the military to enter hostile territory.

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Cruise has been known to do his own stunts, and this film was no exception. That's impressive.The technique is mostly used by the military or those engaged in covert operations, where quick, unnoticed aerial infiltrations are more important than the safety one would garner from opening the chute far sooner.

It took more than 100 jumps to film the scene, as it had to be filmed as close to sunset as possible, giving the crew just three minutes a day to get the ideal shot. They can result in death, hypoxia, or insanity, according to experts.

The Halo jump was particularly hard as the cinematographer had to jump with Cruise with a camera on his head, resulting in a high risk of collision.

"The audience can tell when something is being cheated".

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