White House says Trump is not defending Barr

White House says Trump is not defending Barr

Barr has since given the excuse she had written the tweet on the sleeping drug Ambien.

White House press secretary Sarah Sanders told reporters Wednesday that "no one is defending" Barr's remarks and called them "inappropriate", but she also excoriated the media for what she said was unfair treatment of the Trump administration.

The comedian has a habit of deleting all her tweets when she temporarily quits the website, which means deep dives into her Twitter past rely on previous reporting and on what on the Internet Archive's Wayback Machine has captured.

ABC executives talked shortly after the 2016 election about a need to have more on the network schedule to reflect the point of view that got Trump elected.

After not mentioning Barr's firing in a campaign-style rally in Tennessee Tuesday night, President Donald Trump broke his silence on Twitter.

Trump himself weighed in on the cancellation on Wednesday, noting Disney CEO Bob Iger had called Jarrett but did not contact him when ABC aired controversial statements about his presidency.

"I tend to be pretty forgiving to people who feel they can get a good show out there and keep the star in check, and you usually can, because a lot of stars can be problematic", said Garth Ancier, a veteran television executive who ran entertainment programming at Fox, NBC and the WB networks.

When asked if he might get his own show, he said, "You've heard more than I have".

In the past, the Republican president has cited the program's popularity as evidence that his supporters, who include Barr, want shows that speak to their concerns.

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"Roseanne" was an instant hit when it returned this spring after a two-decade hiatus. She called it "abhorrent, repugnant and inconsistent with our values".

"While we believe viewers have always distinguished the personal behavior of the actress Roseanne Barr from the television character Roseanne Conner, we are disgusted by Barr's comments this week", read Laff's official statement. "The president is the president of all the country".

ABC is cancelling Roseanne, and it comes at a big price.

ABC will now have to scramble for a "Roseanne" replacement.

She also noted that the experience was helping her to "move in2 a better place" that would allow her the opportunity to "help suffering people who are homeless battered & hopeless in this world". "More Networks and "papers" should do the same with their Fake News!" But much of its progress would have been threatened if it looked the other way at Barr's tweet. She often interacts with Twitter users who traffic in conservative conspiracy theories and Islamophobic memes and has repeatedly promoted some of them herself. She criticized Democratic financier George Soros and tweeted that Chelsea Clinton was "Chelsea Soros Clinton", implying she was married to a nephew of Soros.

It's not immediately clear what statements Trump was referring to.

Jarrett, through spokesman Jordan Finkelstein, declined to comment.

The whole debacle arose on Monday when Barr proclaimed that, if the Muslim Brotherhood and the "Planet of the Apes" "had a baby", it would be Jarrett.

Three weeks earlier, "Roseanne" was the toast of ABC's annual presentation of its programming plans to advertisers. "I know that Tom really regretted the fact that we had such a wonderful writing staff together - a real rare collection of talent - and I know he'd like to continue using it in some fashion if that were possible".

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