Apple says new MacBook Pro keyboard won't fix sticky key issue

Apple says new MacBook Pro keyboard won't fix sticky key issue

The new MacBook Pro 2018 models are available now, with prices starting at 1,799 US-Dollar for the 13-inch and 2,399 Dollar for the 15-inch model.

Intel's 8th-generation Coffee Lake processors have finally made it onto the MacBook Pro after months of lag time behind its competitors. Additionally, there is also an option to add 32GB of memory on the 15-inch MacBook Pro.

The 13-inch gets quad-core i5 and i7 chips that turbo up to 4.5Ghz.

The 2015 15-inch Macbook Pro. Other pricey upgrades include the 32 GB RAM and processor upgrades, although they are all six-core options on the 15-inch model. Apple is also including a T2 chip on the device that's capable of enabling the "Hey Siri" command for the first time ever on a Mac, so you no longer have to use the keyboard to access the personal assistant on your Mac.

You'd have to go to the MacBook Pro's page to discover it, but the Blackmagic eGPU is there, and it's labeled as "only at Apple."
This means Apple partnered with Blackmagic for this specific model.

The "butterfly" keyboard in MacBook Pro models since 2016 have sparked a well-publicized recall petition and multiple lawsuits. Two Apple Watch models are predicted; one with a display size of 1.57in and another with a larger 1.78in screen.

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It's also unclear if the new keyboard design will prove less prone to failure than the previous models.

It's not a huge deal, but I'm also going to miss seeing MacBooks with a MagSafe power adapter, which helped prevent the older 15-inch model from being tugged off of a desk by accident. But while the updated MacBooks have an "improved third-generation" keyboard that it promises will be quieter, the company has stayed committed to its key design.

An eGPU is an enclosure that houses a graphics card, and you can plug it into a MacBook Pro with a USB-C cable, just like you would plug in your laptop's charger.

In addition to the new notebooks, Apple introduced a leather sleeve for the MacBook Pro that is available in Saddle Brown, Midnight Blue, and Black, which is similar to the leather sleeves available for the MacBook.

Today Blackmagic Design announced the release of a new eGPU for MacBook Pro computers. It comes inside a small, compact and non-upgradable enclosure designed with Blackmagic.

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