Australian diver opens up for about Thai soccer team rescue

Australian diver opens up for about Thai soccer team rescue

The 12 boys rescued from a Thai cave have been moved to tears as they paid tribute to the former Navy SEAL who died ahead of their dramatic rescue.

The Thailand health ministry said in a statement that the boys were upset when told what happened.

"The boys have promised to grow up to be good persons to honour Lt-Commander Saman", Jessada said, adding they wrote their condolences on a drawing of Saman and stood in silence.

He thanked everyone who worked to rescue the team.

The Australian team in Thailand also included Dr Harris's West Australian dive partner, six Australian Federal Police divers, a Navy clearance diver and members of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade Crisis Rescue Team.

Thongchai Lertwilairatanapong, a public health inspector, said Wednesday the 12 boys and coach rescued over the three previous days "took care of themselves well in the cave".

His experience at Tank Cove, as well as a series of record-breaking cave dives on New Zealand's South Island, made him a first point of call for the rescue mission in Thailand.

The search for the boys and the daring operation to rescue them caught the attention of wide audiences across the globe and the drama has now inadvertently come to focus on the plight of almost half a million people in Thailand who are stateless.

"It wasn't unsafe for us but I can't emphasise enough how risky it was for the kids", Mr Challen said.

Australian diver opens up for about Thai soccer team rescue

The 12 boys were only told of the navy SEALs death on Saturday.

Twelve young footballers and their coach rescued from a Thai cave will be released from the hospital on Thursday, health officials said, offering psychological support and urging the group to avoid media interviews despite huge interest in their against-the-odds survival story.

Inside the freezing cave, the coach and another boy hugged Titun to keep him warm, said his father.

Doctors said Saturday the coach, 25-year-old Ekkapol "Ake" Chantawong, has gained weight quickly and is physically well, but he is the one they are most concerned about protecting from any mental angst.

Mr Turnbull asked Dr Harris to describe the trickiest section of the huge cave system he needed to navigate.

"We wish you the best for this very tough time".

Saman, 38, was a volunteer who had been engaged in the important mission of helping replace oxygen canisters along the route to where the boys were sheltering to make the hours-long passage possible.

Wearing face masks to reduce the risk of infection the boys, aged from 11 to 16, spoke for the first time since being saved last week in a major operation involving 10 British cave rescuers.

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