Charles Oakley arrested in Las Vegas after allegedly cheating at casino

Charles Oakley arrested in Las Vegas after allegedly cheating at casino

It didn't involve any current members of the organization, but rather, it was centered around beloved former big man Charles Oakley.

Former NBA forward Charles Oakley was arrested Sunday after he was caught on camera allegedly cheating at the Cosmopolitan, a Las Vegas casino. The agency said Oakley is suspected of "adding to or reducing his wager" on a game after the outcome was known.

"Oak was confronted about the incident - and it was kicked over to a security team which reviewed the casino video footage ... confirming the alleged cheating".

Oak's gambling charge is serious business - "to commit or attempt to commit a fraudulent act in a gaming establishment". If convicted of a first offense, the violator is subject to a sentence of 1-6 years in a state prison and a fine of no more than $10,000. On February 8, 2017, Oakley was arrested at Madison Square Garden after trying to go after Knicks owner James Dolan. In a statement to ESPN, Oakley's attorney said "This is not a significant matter and we expect it to be resolved quickly". Oakley was arrested by the NYPD and charged with three counts of assault for hitting security guards.

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Oakley played for the Knicks from 1988-98, helping them reach the NBA Finals.

The Knicks have been one of the worst National Basketball Association franchises of the last 15 years and Oakley's criticisms of the team and management has led to a strained relationship with the organization.

The 19-year NBA veteran now is serving as head coach of the Killer 3s in the Big3 summer basketball league.

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