How to use USB Restricted Mode on your iPhone or iPad

How to use USB Restricted Mode on your iPhone or iPad

In addition to the expected fixes and improvements, iOS 11.4.1 brings over a feature that's called USB Restricted Mode, whose objective is to prevent those iPhone hacking machines that law enforcement is using to bypass the screen lock from hacking iOS devices.

However, there seems to be a loophole in Apple's implementation as discovered by ElcomSoft.

The feature was created to shield iPhone users against passcode-cracking devices used by law enforcement, essentially immobilizing any attempts at accessing the device after it's been in locked mode for an hour.

USB Restricted Mode was most likely designed in response to hackers like Grayshift developing tools and methods to break into iOS devices. Notable in the new build is USB Restrictive Mode.

Once you're done with that, open up Settings, and head to Touch ID & Passcode (or if you're on an iPhone X, you'll need Face ID & Passcode).

The feature, which you'll find in iOS 11.4.1, locks down the data connection over the Lightning port one hour after the last time your iOS device is unlocked. Apple says that it added USB Restricted Mode to iOS to increase device security against a known means of hacking, which notably has been used by law enforcement personnel to extract the contents of criminal suspects' phones without their permission.

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It's worth noting that nobody has been able to hack USB Restricted Mode yet, once it's actually been an hour since you unlocked the phone.

Most USB accessories, such as Apple's Lightning-to-USB 3 Camera Adapter, can disable the countdown timer, he claims. This can be done by plugging any USB accessory into the iPhone's Lightning port.

Apple's bug fix updates for iOS, macOS, watchOS, and tvOS have been in beta since the last minor updates were released in May.

A GrayKey box for unlocking Apple mobile devices.

Enter your device's passcode. The issue occurs regardless of if users have recently replaced their device's battery - some iPhone owners were told that they should get their battery replaced even after recently getting a replacement. Do you still think that USB Restricted Mode is a good idea? But security researchers note that it's trivially easy to block that lockout with Apple's own accessories.

We will have to wait and see how Apple responds to the situation.

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