Johnson says it's not too late save Brexit

Johnson says it's not too late save Brexit

A Tory MP has called for a vote of no confidence in the Prime Minister in a letter to his constituents.

After narrowly escaping defeat in parliament over her plans for leaving the EU, May signalled she would not drop a proposal on Britain's future relationship with bloc - the biggest shift in its foreign and trade policy for nearly half a century. And she revealed her plans for the European Union to collect tariffs for the United Kingdom and vice versa might not be ready before the United Kingdom fully leaves the bloc, after the transition period, in December 2020.

According to the Yorkshire Post, he said he had been contacted by members and voters in his constituency about the Prime Minister's Chequers plan for a "common rulebook" with the European Union on goods. Pro-EU politicians complain that it would still leave Britain facing complicated customs procedures, and outside the free market for services that make up most of its economy.

Earlier, at PMQs, Mrs May was caught blue-on-blue attacks between Tory MPs, with Brexit supporter Andrea Jenkyns asking: "Can the Prime Minister inform the House at what point it was decided that Brexit means Remain?" Avoiding customs and other disruption on the European Union land border with Northern Ireland means that the exit treaty is dependent to an extent on how post-Brexit trade will work.

She said she wouldn't have time to listen to it before a meeting with her backbenchers last night as she would be busy catching up on paperwork.

"If the Prime Minister can fix that vision once again before us, then I believe she can deliver a great Brexit for Britain with a positive, self-confident approach that will unite this party, unite this House and unite this country as well".

"I started the week intending to support the prime minister".

May's win came minutes after an amendment that could have wrecked her Brexit plans was defeated by just six votes.

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John Major, who lost power in 1997 after years of Conservative dissent over Europe, also backs a second poll and said positions were more "entrenched" today.

"We all want Brexit to succeed: that is the reality", Simon Clarke told reporters.

Critics say the move is a bid by a government panicked by the various rebellions in the Conservative Party.

But if she won a confidence vote, she could not be challenged in this way again for another year.

The EU executive will brief ministers on Friday from the 27 states that will remain in the EU after Britain leaves on what preparations governments should be making for a "cliff edge" or "no deal" Brexit, several officials said. Mr Speaker, it is not too late to save Brexit, we have time in these negotiations.

He said that "a fog of self-doubt has descended" over the negotiations.

"With eight months until we exit the European Union in March 2019, it is important we all - regulators and industry - continue to plan for a range of scenarios", said Nausicaa Delfas, head of worldwide strategy at the Financial Conduct Authority.

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