London police detain Maryam Nawaz’s son for ‘punching PTI worker’

London police detain Maryam Nawaz’s son for ‘punching PTI worker’

"I am leaving behind my ailing wife to come back for the sake of the country", said Nawaz, adding that Kulsoom had briefly opened her eyes but "she did not recognize me". "Goodbyes are hard, even for the grownups", Maryam had tweeted with a picture of her children. [She is] still not conscious and on ventilator.

The PML-N Supreme leader said the nation should remember the debacle Pakistan had to face due to conspiracies and East Pakistan was separated again the conspiracies can be felt in the air, now is the time to reveal the facts before the masses.

He has also formed a 16-member team to arrest them and shift them to Adiala jail in Rawalpindi after producing them at the accountability court that sentenced the father-daughter duo last week.

Meanwhile in Pakistan, things don't look good for the beleaguered PML-N.

Muhammad Mehdi, the party's media coordinator, told Reuters that almost 500 workers had been detained in a "massive crackdown", including raids on the homes of a number of some of the party's local councillors.

Besides arrests, the Lahore administration has also seized several containers and placed them on the main arteries of the city to discourage the PML-N workers from reaching the airport where Nawaz and Maryam would likely land at around 5.15pm in the evening, a week after their conviction.

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Sharif and his daughter Maryam Nawaz were sentenced to prison in a corruption case on July 6 along with Maryam Nawaz's husband Captain Safdar.

NAB has acquired two helicopters-one at Lahore's Allama Iqbal International Airport and the other at the New Islamabad International Airport to transport the two convicts. "Otherwise, we will understand that both the ECP and caretaker government are puppet and someone else is calling the shots (establishment)", PML-N president Shehbaz Sharif told reporters, in an apparent reference to the army.

PML-N leaders say authorities have began a crackdown against union council leaders, the street-level party workers who bring out people on the streets.

"No logic can defend the 30-day detention of our workers", Shehbaz upheld.

"It had to be written in the verdict that no evidence of corruption could be found against me", he said.

Speaking on the bad state of Pakistan's economy, he said our economy is on the verge of decline, the stock exchange is going down, our reserves can support only one month's import now, our investors went back to London and Dubai wondering what would happen on 25 July in Pakistan.

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