Man With World's Longest Fingernails Cuts Them After 66yrs

Man With World's Longest Fingernails Cuts Them After 66yrs

The nails, however, eventually became a burden for the 88-year-old man, whose left hand is permanently handicapped.

Shridhar Chillal - from Pune, India - has been growing his fingernails since 1952.

Chillal's nails were estimated to have a combined length of 909.6 centimeters, as measured by Guinness on November 17, 2014.

The Times Square museum in NY of the American franchise "Ripley's Believe It or Not" will hold a "nail clipping ceremony" for the octogenarian.

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"It was a very hard decision for me to cut my nails but when I realized that, after cutting them, they'll be at Ripley's Believe It or Not! and the museum is going to maintain them very nicely and for a lifetime, then I felt that I was making the right decision and that is why I chose to cut my nails", Chillal told reporters at the museum, which now has 66 years' worth of uncut nails on display.

When asked by Guinness World Records in 2015 how his nails affect his life, Shridhar said they were extremely fragile and he needed to take care when sleeping. His thumbnail, the longest of the set, measures an incredible 197.8cm (77.8ins). The Guinness World Record holder is now finally said goodbye to his nails in an emotional farewell. "Mr. Chillal dedicated his life to something truly remarkable and Ripley's is the ideal home to honor his legacy", said Suzanne Smagala-Potts, a Ripley's representative. "I never have to wait in a queue", he told Guinness World Records.

The weight of his nails has left him permanently handicapped and in constant pain - he can not open his hand or move his fingers. A nail technician performed the surgery armed with power tools at a ceremony in the Times Square Ripley's museum on Wednesday.

He admitted there were also perks to having the world's longest nails that he will miss. "While he may have cut his fingernails, his nails will be forever memorialized inside Ripley's Believe It or Not!".

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