Trumps former chauffeur sues for unpaid wages

Trumps former chauffeur sues for unpaid wages

Donald Trump's former personal driver, Noel Cintron, is suing the president for unpaid overtime - 3,300 hours of overtime, to be exact.

In the lawsuit, Noel Cintron's attorneys, Larry Hutcher and Josh Krakowsky, alleged that the mistreatment amounts to "an utterly callous display of unwarranted privilege and entitlement", explaining that the driver "served as President Trump's personal driver for more than 20 years until the Secret Service recently undertook that role". While the suit doesn't name Trump personally as a defendant, it accuses him of "callousness and cupidity".

Cintron has demanded that the Trump Organization pay him for the last six years of unpaid overtime wages, noting that the statute of limitations precluded him from asking for more.

In a statement to Business Insider, a Trump Organization spokesperson said that the lawsuit was frivolous, as Mr. Cintron was always paid "generously and in accordance with the law".

The complaint says he worked about 550 hours of uncompensated overtime per year for those six years, totaling about 3,330 hours of overtime.

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The case is Cintron v. Trump Organization LLC, Supreme Court, State of New York (Manhattan).

Moreover, Cintron alleged was also required to drive his direct supervisor, Trump Organization employee Matthew Calamari, as well as drive Calamari's family members, the lawsuit said. A representative didn't answer a question about whether Cintron was still employed there; his suit says he's now a security staffer.

Cintron added in the suit that he hadn't been awarded a raise in almost 10 years. Cintron's lawyers wrote in the suit. His salary was then raised to $68,000 in 2006. According to the lawsuit, Trump and his business also cheated Cintron out of years of vacation time, sick days and expenses - and neglected to give him a raise in more than a decade. Cintron claimed that he was "induced to surrender his health benefits", which saved Trump almost $18,000.

Based on his current hourly rate as of today, or $36.0577 per hour, Cintron should have been paid $54.087 per hour for any time worked beyond 40 hours per week, according to the complaint.

Hutcher said that Cintron had repeatedly asked Trump for raises in the past, but - beyond those two instances - he was rebuffed.

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