WhatsApp offers tips to identify fake news

WhatsApp offers tips to identify fake news

The Facebook-owned application in the advertisement said this week it will roll out a new feature that will let users see which messages have been forwarded.

The company previously announced a program to award researchers looking into the spread of misinformation among communities.

Group admins can make a decision and even limit other users from sending messages in a specific group. The company ad says, "Together we can fight false information".

Asking users to be thoughtful of what they share, WhatsApp said, "if you read something that makes you angry or afraid, ask whether it was shared to make you feel that way".

The campaign is appealing to users to do their part to curb the spread of fake news on WhatsApp, by simply being more vigilant and double checking information before forwarding it onward.

The WhatsApp spokesperson did not reply to a specific question on the number of accounts that have been blocked so far this year in India or globally for circulating fake news.

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The full-page ads, which ran in English, Hindi and other languages in daily papers, include tips for spotting fake news messages on WhatsApp. This time, the platform has received the ability to automatically hide shared media from appearing in your phone gallery. The ...

More than 25 people have been killed in India in recent months after rumours were spread on smartphones about child kidnappers, thieves and sexual predators.

A stern statement issued by the electronics and IT ministry late on Tuesday expressed the government's "deep disapproval" to the senior management of WhatsApp over the "irresponsible and explosive messages".

WhatsApp has recently been in talks for spreading the fake news.

Do you think this step taken by WhatsApp will help in solving the problems of lynching across the country?

WhatsApp checks the authenticity of the website link provided in the message, while the user forwards the message, the report suggests.

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