Your Galaxy phone probably won't send your images to a random contact

Your Galaxy phone probably won't send your images to a random contact

Although you can now get it for less than £20 per month, we reckon the new tariff dropped by Mobile Phones Direct is now the best value S8 deal on the market. While the widespread of devices indicates that any Galaxy device could be affected, it seems that it's mostly T-Mobile users that are affected by the bug.

Samsung tells Gizmodo they are aware of the reports and are looking into them, but has yet to come out with an official statement warning users of the bug.

One Reddit user made a post titled, "My S9+ sent my entire photo gallery to my girlfriend last night while I was sleeping".

Samsung is now urging concerned customers to call its support lines directly. Experts say avoid the update if possible or go to your settings and disable storage permission. Just to recall, T-Mobile has recently launched new updates in RCS. And the affected phones don't even let on to the user that they've done so.

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It's an unsettling prospect for Samsung users who may have photos on their phones that aren't fit for public consumption.

It wasn't too long ago that Samsung had to recall the Galaxy Note 7 after a huge number of reports surrounding battery failures and explosions. However, T-Mobile has stated that this issue isn't on its.

It is believed the bug could be due to a new messaging standard called RCS, which is created to make texting look more like a messaging app, complete with read receipts and typing indicators. The issue appears to stem from an update to RCS (Rich Communication Services) and how the Samsung Messenger App interacts with the update, but Samsung has not officially acknowledged the source of the problem as of publication. There is no fix available at the moment and the only thing they can do is revoke the app's access to storage or to use a different texting app until this problem has been rectified.

If you're using Samsung's Messages software, and are anxious about unapproved picture texts, find the application in the apps section of your device's settings, then go into its permissions, and disable access to storage. This means you won't be able to send any stored data, like photos or saved messages, through text.

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