Boxers or briefs? For sperm count, one is better, study finds

Boxers or briefs? For sperm count, one is better, study finds

Your underwear choices might also affect the quality of your sperms.

"As a society, traditionally, fertility has been thought of as a female issue".

While experts praised the study's concept, they also noted that low sperm counts don't always mean low fertility, especially since sperm counts are highly variable. The men provided information on their underwear choice and a sperm sample and blood work for analysis.

In addition, more sperm were correctly shaped. We have two lovely girls.

They should probably choose boxers next time.

The study found underwear choice could actually be a "key regulator" of sexual development and reproduction.

Semen assessments were completed and men filled in lifestyle questionnaires, including whether they most frequently wore "boxers", "jockeys", "bikinis" or "briefs".

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Their sperm count was also 17 per cent higher and a single ejaculation contained 33 per cent more swimming sperm. In 2016, Eisenberg co-authored a study of 500 men that found that, no matter what type of underwear the men wore, the time it took couples to become pregnant was about the same.

However, they said that there could be further factors that weren't included in the study.

Commenting on the research, Prof Allan Pacey, Professor of Andrology, University of Sheffield, said: "This study confirms my long-held belief that men with poor sperm quality could potentially improve things by wearing looser underwear and keeping their testicles as cool as possible".

'There are also a number of confounding factors in the study because the group wearing boxer shorts were more likely to be younger, slimmer men but they also subjected their testes to higher temperatures by enjoying hot baths or Jacuzzis and wearing skinny jeans on top of their loose underwear.

But before you panic about your choice of trousers for the a year ago, it's worth noting that while sperm counts were higher in those that wore boxers, the research didn't find evidence that wearing other styles of underwear would drastically drop your sperm's quality or count.

Over half - 53 per cent - usually wore boxers. And interestingly enough, the boxer men also had lower levels of follicle stimulating hormone (FSH), which helps regulate fertility. FSH is the hormone that stimulates the testes to produce sperm.

Dr Mínguez-Alarcón opined that the study was successful in investigating the relationship between the underwear type and the testicular functions, which were missing in all the previous studies done on the topic. The researchers also said that other factors also affect scrotal heat: like type of pants, underwear fabric, etc.

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