Bud Light Installs ‘Victory Fridges’ For When Cleveland Browns Win A Game

Bud Light Installs ‘Victory Fridges’ For When Cleveland Browns Win A Game

Cleveland has lost 17 games in a row without a victory. They'll be locked until the moment the Browns officially win a game. But only if the Browns can manage an elusive regular-season win. Last season, the team went 0-16, setting the bar high for football futility.

Fans now have an extra reason to root for a W: Bud Light will hand out free beers by way of smart fridges scattered around Cleveland. The season before that, the Browns only notched a single win. Bud Light and the Browns now are teaming up to help fans commemorate what they hope will be a brighter future. There is a fridge that will "unlock" when the Browns finally win a game. We love you for it, and so does @budlight.

The special fridges will automatically unlock celebratory beers after Cleveland gets its first regular season win, the team announced.

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Don't fear, Cleveland fans: according to ESPN's Darren Rovell, Bud Light will restock the fridges with fresh brews every month if Cleveland can't rack up a victory before the beers' shelf lives pass. "We know it. You know it. #LetsGo Brownies".

"The Bud Light Browns "Victory Fridge" is a fun way to celebrate and reward a fanbase that has never wavered in enthusiasm or dedication for their team no matter what happens", Bud Light vice president of marketing Andy Goeler said, per Brewbound.com. Maybe the December beers can be used during a parade. They'll open up the 2018-19 season at home against AFC North division rival Pittsburgh Steelers on September 9.

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