Dubai tourist racks up £36k in speeding fines in rented supercar

Dubai tourist racks up £36k in speeding fines in rented supercar

A British tourist in Dubai racked up Dhs170,000 in traffic fines in three hours while driving at twice the speed limit in a Lamborghini Huracan on Sheikh Zayed Road.

This means he could be free to leave the country, although his lack of a passport could make that hard.

As a result, the vehicle dealership from where the supercar was rented, started getting messages of the speeding fines, starting from 2:30 a.m. until 6:26 a.m. on July 31.

The tourist rented the supercar worth Dhs1.3m on July 30 from vehicle rental dealership, Rent a auto, according to local media reports.

The dealership still the passport of the offending tourist, who handed it in by way of guarantee when he initially rented the coveted supercar.

"We obtained copies of all the violations and immediately submitted a request for a travel ban on the tourist...but the request was rejected", a representative for the agency said. The UK man is now in a standoff with the garage over who pays the bill. The fines amount to DH70,000 (AU$25,700) for the 33 offences and DH 100,520 (AU$36,860) to retrieve the vehicle from the police pound.

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Meanwhile, the Lamborghini is gathering sand and dust parked outside the front of the hotel, little more than a piece of expensive street furniture. "We shouldn't do so for sure, it's his fault and he should pay that amount", they added.

One of the dealership's owners, Faris Iqbal, says that he was notified of the fines just hours after the tourist took delivery of the auto. This can stop them from leaving the country. I won't be trying to take it back, because once I do, I know I have to surrender it to police.

Mr Iqbal continued: "Then who pays the money for the impound?" But even though Hashi's passport is with the dealership, it doesn't guarantee that he can not leave UAE through other means.

"I was fearing that he may go to his embassy claiming that he lost his passport to get a new one then leave the country".

Iqbal said: "But even if he did not, I can't keep his passport with me for long".

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