Elon Musk Avoids Tesla Woes with L.A. Traffic Scheme

Elon Musk Avoids Tesla Woes with L.A. Traffic Scheme

However, the Boring Company does have a couple of things working in its favor. "People are now going to be in restaurants and bars, because they have more time, instead of just sitting in their cars".

The Dugout Loop, as the project is known, would run under Sunset Boulevard through Echo Park and Silver Lake. According to the site, the Dugout Loop will feature a single underground tunnel that connects Dodger Stadium to one of three LA neighborhoods: Los Feliz, East Hollywood, or Rampart Village.

"Dugout Loop will complement existing public transportation systems and provide an all-electric and affordable option that will transport baseball fans and concertgoers directly to the Dodger Stadium.in less than 4 minutes!" The Boring Company, which is one of the Tesla and SpaceX chief's other projects, already has a test tunnel in nearby Hawthorne and has won a bid for an underground shuttle service between O'Hare Airport and downtown Chicago. But The Boring Co. was short on specifics and did not explain how much the line would cost, how it would pay for it. Los Angeles is also considering a competing project to carry Dodgers fans in an aerial gondola. It's free to sign up! The skates would be lowered into the tunnel system, and sent autonomously at speeds of 125 to 150 miles per hour from one terminal to the other.

LA Mayor Eric Garcetti has been a huge proponent of Elon Musk's ventures.

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The project, whose only investor is The Boring Company, promises to have no above-ground disruption for the estimated 14 months it will take to build the 3.6-mile tunnel. As for the other tens of thousands of people traveling to and from Dodger Stadium?

The Boring Company says that after it constructs the body of the tunnel, it will install concrete guideway shelves to keep the electric skates on track.

Along the line of the tunnel, six ventilation/exit shafts will be constructed on private property, the company says. It is now undertaking environmental studies under the California Environmental Quality Act and plans a public scoping meeting on the project at Dodger Stadium at the end of August.

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