Idris Elba's James Bond-like tweet fuels 007 rumours

Idris Elba's James Bond-like tweet fuels 007 rumours

A pair of Elba's recent Twitter posts have fueled speculation that the actor will be the next Bond with Elba both teasing and then downplaying the speculation.

"My name's Elba, Idris Elba", he tweeted, echoing the super spy's famous catchline, "The name is Bond, James Bond". As fans of Bond know, that's almost exactly like the iconic "Bond, James Bond".

After old rumors that actor Idris Elba will be the next James Bond gained new life earlier this week, the man himself has responded on social media to apparently dismiss them.

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In it, director Antoine Fuqua says that Bond producer Barbara Broccoli believes it's time to bring some diversity to the role and has left the door open for Elba to potentially succeed the current 007, Daniel Craig.

While rumors linking Elba to the role have churned the rumor mill since 2014, fans are taking it as a hint that perhaps all that talk might be true for when Daniel Craig, who has confirmed to play 007 one more time, will leave the mega franchise next year. Fuqua allegedly said the move "will happen eventually" and Elba is reportedly the first choice to take on the role. "You need a guy with physically strong presence".

He is already signed on to play the character in the 25th Bond film, which is due out in late 2019 and will be directed by Danny Boyle. According to the report, Fuqua said that Elba could fit the bill.

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