Indonesia quake death toll rises to more than 345

Indonesia quake death toll rises to more than 345

Many people on the island have been using Facebook's Safety Check feature - launched in 2014 - which allows users to notify their friends and relatives that they are safe after disasters.

The governor of the province that includes Lombok, the military, the national search and rescue agency and regent of North Lombok issued different death tolls on Wednesday that ranged from 226 to 381.

"I visited villages yesterday that were completely collapsed", he said, while other teams in East and North Lombok had reported villages where 75% of homes were damaged.

The national disaster agency said all those numbers were likely to increase, as more information comes in and more victims are found.

Indonesia's geological agency said the quake Thursday afternoon had a magnitude of 6.2 and was shallow, at a depth of 12 kilometres, centred in the northeast of the island.

"We don't know for sure how many people are alive under the rubble", BNPB spokesman Sutopo Purwo Nugroho told reporters.

Thousands of tourists have left Lombok since Sunday's 6.9 magnitude quake, fearing further tremors.

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Water, which has been in short supply due to a prolonged dry spell on the island, as well as food and medical supplies were being distributed from trucks.

Extra flights were provided while others left on ferries to neighbouring Indonesian island Bali.

"There are still some evacuees that have not yet been touched by aid, especially in North Lombok and West Lombok", Mr Nugroho said. "I do hope the government can help", she said.

With hospitals and clinics also affected, numerous injured have had to be treated in the open air or in makeshift clinics.

Authorities on the island have urgently appealed for medicine, food and clean water for some 156,000 people who have been displaced by the disaster.

At a collapsed mosque in Bangsal district, emergency workers in orange uniforms removed a woman's body from the ruins on Wednesday morning.

Like its famous neighbour Bali, Lombok is known for beaches, mountains and a lush interior.

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