Mobile rolls out cheaper tier of unlimited service

Mobile rolls out cheaper tier of unlimited service

The things that you don't get with T-Mobile Essentials compared to the normal T-Mobile ONE plans include benefits like Netflix, some global access, and unlimited mobile hotspot capability. It costs $60 for a single line, $30 for the second line and an additional $15 per line for lines 3-6, excluding taxes and fees with autopay. T-Mobile will throttle Essential customers more than its other unlimited data plans, noting that "during times and places with heavy network demand, Essentials customers may notice slower speeds than other customers". By comparison, T-Mobile ONE is $40 per line per month, but comes with additional features. That's a hypocritical move from T-Mobile, a company that has raked its competitors over the coals over the added cost of their taxes and fees, but it also makes the Essentials plan less of a bargain than it might seem. It offers unlimited talk, text and smartphone data. Both T-Mobile One at $70 a month and One Plus at $80 a month aren't subject to slowdowns until after 50 GB of data.

"The other guys have got Above Unlimited, Unlimited Plus, Beyond Unlimited, Unlimited and More ..." The plan lacks any fancy add-ons like global data access or unlimited mobile hotspot, and instead focuses on what most people care strongly about. Subscribers can still take advantage of the company's T-Mobile Tuesday's app and its weekly offers such as discounted movie rentals. Oh, and you won't get that free subscription to Netflix. Well have to wait until T-Mobile releases its terms and conditions for the new plan to see exactly which of the T-Mobile perks it will or will not include.

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T-Mobile's LTE network has tripled in size over the last three years and now reaches almost every American! Without autopay, it's $5 more per line. Is T-Mobile still the UnCarrier? In January 2017, T-Mobile made a huge deal out of rolling taxes and fees into the price of its One plan, and all of the arguments it used back then against taxes and fees still apply.

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