PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds has launched its 'FIX PUBG' campaign to quell bugs

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds has launched its 'FIX PUBG' campaign to quell bugs

PUBG Battlegrounds has been given a new update on Xbox One, although fortunately no downtime is required. According to the company, "This is a phrase that we've been hearing a lot lately". Fixing some of the issues that have plagued players will be seen as a very good move by the game's hardcore fans and who knows, it may just pull some gamers back in from the wilderness, too. For instance, the site contains a roadmap, a fix log, and an FAQ, with the developer promising that it will be "entirely focused" on bug fixes, "fundamental" performance issues, and "long-needed" quality of life improvements. PUBG Corp. wants to up PUBG's tick rate, especially as it relates to objects close to you and early in the game (no more laggy landings). However, we haven't always been able to meet your expectations.

Loading, meanwhile, should be handled more efficiently by the game.

The hotfix is one that players would've known is coming had they read the weekly community post from August 1 where the PUBG team acknowledged that console players were having some issues loading into the game in a timely manner or even staying in the game at all once loaded. Throughout this campaign we'll share specifics about what we're working on and the expected time it'll take to address the issues.

Play any online game and you're bound to find - or at least hear of - people cheating.

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PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds developer PUBG Corp. had promised to publish a roadmap detailing everything the studio will be busy doing in the months to come.

PUBG Corp. describes its plans for matchmaking as "a complicated system to build and get right", and therefore offers no promises about what will change.

In fact, big PC and Xbox One updates landed very recently indeed with a raft of issues now fixed, 37 of which were listed as part of the Fix PUBG initiative.

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