Smash Ultimate Gets New Modes "Squad Strike" and "Smashdown"

Smash Ultimate Gets New Modes

Considering that Snake is now reappearing in Smash Bros Ultimate, it seems that Nintendo's partnership with Konami for Smash Bros has been rekindled, and Castlevania fans will no doubt be pleased that the gothic action series is being teased for the Switch fighting game.

In total, Smash Bros.

Whatever it is, it'll likely get announced soon as the director mentioned there are still more fighters and aspects of Ultimate to dive into. There's also a default tournament mode and more concessions for stamina (HP) mode.

Simon Belmont, the vampire hunter of Castlevania, is joining the roster of Super Smash Bros. Naturally, Simon's Echo Fighter is Richter, who has his own rad poses and moves, and Alucard is available as an Assist Trophy. Today, during the Nintendo Direct focusing on the game, game director Masahiro Sakurai revealed tons of new information for the upcoming fighter.

A GameCube controller has been the preferred input for pro-level and diehard Smash Bros. players ever since Super Smash Bros. "Ultimate" as Echo fighters.

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And if you're really into video game music, you can plug your headphones into your Switch and listen to tracks while the Switch screen is turned off, kind of like an extra-large MP3 player.

Of those reveals, one of the more exciting is the number of stages and stage-related functions coming to Super Smash Bros. Players will also be given the chance to morph into a 2nd character mid-battle.

There are also many new items making their way to this title, such as the Banana Gun, which fires a single powerful "bullet", and the Rage Blaster, which gets strong as the user receives more damage. Some of these Pokémon include Abra, Solgaleo, Lunala, Mimikyu and the enormous Alolan Exeggutor. While it can be played between just two people with each option, Squad Strike could be the ultimate crew battle option for big Smash Bros. events and parties.

Smashdown: After battling in this mode, the previously selected fighters will no longer be available, forcing players to have to pick a different fighter for the next round.

Training: The improved Training mode in Super Smash Bros.

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