Sony’s Marvel Universe Updates: Silver and Black Splitting into Two & More

Sony’s Marvel Universe Updates: Silver and Black Splitting into Two & More

We tried to honor it as closely as possible.

But Sony appears to be open to throwing the door open even further, according to a report on the state of Sony's Marvel projects in Variety. Sony has also had discussions on other Spider-Man characters such as Silk and Nightwatch, with Variety reporting that the Spidey adjacent superhero Jackpot is also in the works for her own movie. This has led to some speculation that this change has nothing to with potential Spider-Man team-ups and everything to do with Sony panicking that the movie's trailers have gotten mixed responses and now want to lower the possible box office damage by broadening the audience.

Plans have already been announced to make a film based on Morbius, a vampire villain from the Spider-Man comics starring Jared Leto, as well as recruiting Richard Wenk (The Equalizer 2) to write a film based on Kraven the Hunter. Are you excited for what Sony has planned for their Sony's Universe of Marvel Characters? The status of spin-offs Silver & Black and Nightwatch were, however, in doubt - until now. Instead, Sony has plans to split the pair up and give each of them their own films and that the Black Cat will most likely be the first of the two. Silver & Black are headed to the big screen, too, but they've since been redirected to individual solo movies.

Being a producer is still a big deal though, as it's been revealed that Sony is not following the MCU model of having one person at the top driving everything creatively, like Marvel's Kevin Feige.

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Sony's Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse will mark Miles Morales' feature film debut and Peter Parker will be on hand to mentor the young hero as he begins his superhero career.

Personally, I think it's all a little messy though.

While Spider-Man is now part of Disney's Marvel Cinematic Universe, the cinematic rights to the character remain with Sony. All Sony is really doing at the moment is temporarily withholding toys for Marvel to play with.

With the the highly anticipated comic book film, Venom, set to release fairly soon, Sony is gearing up for their own Sony's Marvel Universe.

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