Space Force: 5 things to know about Trump’s controversial plan

Space Force: 5 things to know about Trump’s controversial plan

Pence's speech was timed to coincide with the release of the Pentagon's report to Congress on the recommended organization and management structure of space components for the Department of Defense.

But any proposal to create a new military service requires congressional action, and is likely to become a long, drawn-out process.

Former Secretary of the Air Force, Deborah Lee James says it is a bad idea.

Pence did manage to impress the frequent critic of the Trump administration.

Pence cited new threats the USA faces in space, particularly from Russian Federation and China.

Late night TV never runs out of material, thanks to Donald Trump, and on Thursday the hosts took great delight in slamming the USA president's latest announcement for an American space force.

While China launched a missile in 2007 that tracked and destroyed one of its own satellites, Russian Federation claims to have tested aircraft-deployed missiles that can take down satellites.

The document outlines how America's military is at risk in space due to adversaries pursuing "counter-space" capabilities to neutralize America's satellites during a conflict, such as by jamming or hacking them.

China and Russian Federation have had significant achievements in space - they have tested technology to shoot down satellites.

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NY graphic design studio Other Means created a logo using the lettering from the Mel Brooks parody "Spaceballs", writing: "Is the Trump presidency being written by Mel Brooks?"

On "Late Night with Seth Meyers", the host made a quick jab, saying that letting the president decide we need a Space Force is kind of like letting your kid decide which vehicle you should buy. Senator Bernie Sanders said via Twitter "maybe, just maybe" the government should guarantee healthcare "before we start spending billions to militarize outer space".

Actions by US adversaries make it clear that space is already a warfighting domain, the vice president said.

"President Trump wants a SPACE FORCE - a groundbreaking endeavor for the future of America and the final frontier", the email reads. "It is imperative that the United States adapts its policies, doctrine, and capabilities to protect our interests".

However Mattis has since echoed support for Trump's position, saying Tuesday that he was "in complete alignment with the president's concern about protecting our assets in space that contribute to our security, to our economy". Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats has warned that China and Russian Federation are developing anti-satellite technology that could be operational in a matter of years. "Our adversaries have transformed space into a war-fighting domain already, and the United States will not shrink from this challenge", Pence said.

In terms of practical considerations, Pence mentioned a couple of activities that will be folded into the space force.

A much anticipated Pentagon report on the reorganization of the space components of the Defense Department was scheduled to be submitted to Congress on August 1 but was more than a week late, according to a spokesman, to allow more time for additional coordination.

The Space Command would be a unified center for coordinating, evolving, improving, and planning space warfighting. "It's expensive. It will take a decade or more to unravel space operations, which are built into all the services".

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